Sunday, May 21, 2017

Major Defects and Problems with Airbnb and Why I do Not Use Airbnb - Potential Safety and Security Risks

I was a big customer of Airbnb, and then I started having serious problems. Poor customer support and pricing defects with the Airbnb system. A different answer from every Airbnb agent, and then just dropping any problems they do not know how to deal with.

Recently I booked 3-months in Florida and have a contract with Airbnb. Then the owner of the place I am renting called me and said we have a major problem because the Airbnb system is defective and charged me the wrong amount. I phoned Airbnb and explained their defect to them and was told "do not worry you have a valid contract ..." and that Airbnb will pay the property owner the correct amount.

Airbnb support is terrible, they lied to me, and know one at Airbnb is fixing this big problem they caused. I tryed to phone and email Airbnb and have just been ignored and lied to multiple times. I think if you just graduated college, they train you a few days, if you work at Airbnb a few weeks you are a manager, and if you make it a few months you are a senior manager. All of the support people I have emailed or talked with are very new and do not have proper training or experience.

Serious problems can exist for both the property owners and for renters. There are both terrible landlords that should be kicked out of Airbnb and horrible renters that should be kicked out of Airbnb, please watch this video below for actual events that happened during Airbnb rental contracts.

I also found out that one of the places I rented via Airbnb, the previous renter was a victim of a home evasion robbery and this fact was hidden from renters.

VRBO is a better choice for travelers than Airbnb. I just booked 10-months of houses in Florida and Idaho on VRBO and did not have any problems.

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