Sunday, May 01, 2016

Correct USA Political 2016 Information, and Projections of Who will Win the Republican Nomination

Here I am again writing about political issues when I am primarily a SEO, Technology and Business Blog.
However I am explaining the statistical and procedural processes of how the Republican candidate is selected.
It bothers me how stupid many of the TV reporters are and how they cannot even interview guests that know the correct facts. One person who really knows how this works and he just laughs at all these totally incorrect TV reporters is Newt Gingrich.
The general public should understand all these TV people do is read the news. Their correct title is "news reader" not "journalist". Even the highly respected "" has the facts wrong.

The Republican nominee facts and how the process really works.

  1. 1237 Delegates votes are needed to win the nomination. The only two people that have any chance are Donald Trump and Ted Cruz.
    I used to like John Kasich however the fact that he is being an idiot bonehead and not dropping out is proof he is not qualified to be President even in four or eight years from now.

  2. Who Creates the Rules for the 2016 Republican Convention?
    Trump and Cruz decide the 2016 rules and they will keep the rule that says you have to at least won the most delegates in 8 states in order to be considered as the Republican nominee. Cruz and Trump will control at least 80% of the delegates.
    Guess what John Kasich this makes you look very stupid.

  3. What is the most likely outcome?
    Donald Trump will be the Republican nominee. 
    Based on current polls from the remaining states left to vote, Trump will end up 44 delegates short of the needed 1237.
    So What?
    This happened to Gerald Ford (republican) and Walter Mondale (democrat) when they both became the nominee for their party on the first vote at their respective conventions.

  4. How Could This Happen?
    Because the Republican party has 150 delegates that can vote for either Cruz or Trump. Who would like to bet me $50,000 that Donald Trump will not be able to convince 44 out of 150 free choice delegates to vote for him?

  5. The Bottom Line
    There is a 100% chance that Trump or Cruz will be the Republican nominee and all this crazy talk by big newspapers and TV shows about riots and how Paul Ryan or stupid Mitt Romney will end up the Republican nominee, that is just ridiculous bullshit and it will never happen.