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Apple's CEO Tim Cook is 100% Correct With His Privacy and Encryption Policies, Please Help Support T...

Google Issues Updated Guidelines to Bloggers, Paid Links Should be Identified or Google May Penalize...

Since Google Broke their PageRank Meter, I Recommend People Use Domain Authority | GotoTom2

Over 80% of People Are Incorrect To Trust Online Reviews - Censorship Issues | GotoTom2

Please Help Me STOP Google from Committing Privacy Violations | GotoTom2

Is Matt Cutts Ever Going to Come Back To Google? | GotoTom2

Southwest Airlines has a Computer Meltdown -- Will Joe Bidden Run for President? | GotoTom2

Hillary Clinton Shows Up at Labor Rally Protesting Donald Trumps Hotel | GotoTom2

This is an excellent article from my friend Anthony Taylor | GotoTom2

New Resorts Coming to Las Vegas in 2018 | GotoTom2

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23AndMe Raises $115 Million in Expansion Funding | GotoTom2

Vimeo Joins Original Content Competition | GotoTom2

New Chip-Based Credit Cards Cause Big Problems for Netflix | GotoTom2

What to do About All the Blogger Defects? | GotoTom2

What Gun Store Verdict Could Mean for Gun Regulations | GotoTom2

Google May Have Caught and Penalized Another SEO Black Hat Network | GotoTom2

Is Volkswagen Losing All Their Car Market Share? | GotoTom2

Charles Koch Interview | GotoTom2

Privacy Censorship "Freedom of Speech" Many People Face These Issues | GotoTom2

Russian Hackers Infiltrate Dow Jones | GotoTom2

GotoTom2-blogspot-Does-Well-in-India | GotoTom2

Ben Carson Doubts Donald Trump Was Blaming George W. Bush for 9/11 | GotoTom2

I Am Testing OutBrain for Blog Advertising | GotoTom2

This is One of the Best Customer Testimonials I Have Ever Seen | GotoTom2

New Regulations Coming for Drones | GotoTom2

Amazon Sues Over Fake Reviews | GotoTom2

Star Wars - the Force Awakens Trailer | GotoTom2

NASA Offers Daily Look at Earth From Space | GotoTom2

Who Ranks #1 in Business Schools | GotoTom2

Ferrari Races to Top End of IPO Range | GotoTom2

Donald Trump Responds to Latest Presidential Poll | GotoTom2

How "Back to the Future: Part II" Scored on 2015 Technology Predictions | GotoTom2

Different Types of Google Penalites | GotoTom2

How #ShoutYourAbortion on Facebook Sparked a New Movement | GotoTom2

Reddit Pushes Into News Media With Upvoted | GotoTom2

Wikileaks Post CIA Director's Personal Information Following Hack | GotoTom2

The Trivago Guy As You've Never Seen Him Before | GotoTom2

Example of a Blast Off Website Traffic Chart | GotoTom2

Why Female MBA's Face a Big Gender Pay Gap | GotoTom2

Google's First Quarter Under Alphabet - Financial Report | GotoTom2

The Man With More Patents Than Thomas Edison | GotoTom2

Debate Over What is the Greenest Office Building in the World "the Edge" vs. "Bullitt Center" | Goto...

Free Blog Development Tools | GotoTom2

Aaron Sorkin's Emotional Connection to His "Steve Jobs" Movie | GotoTom2

Hurricane Patricia Hits Mexico - Strongest Typhoon Ever Recorded in Western Hemisphere | GotoTom2

The Race For Big Data Management | GotoTom2

Microsoft Opens New Store in New York City | GotoTom2

Air Campaign Against ISIS: The Business of Warfare Technology Seen First-Hand | GotoTom2

The Future of Elevator Technology | GotoTom2

Laszlo Bock, Google's SVP of People Operations Discusses His New Book With Charlie Rose | GotoTom2

New Apple TV - Drones - Safe Car | GotoTom2

Motorola Unveils Newest Driod Phones | GotoTom2

Fuel-Cell Cars Highlight of the Tokyo Auto Show | GotoTom2

New Zealand is in the Movie Business, a Hollywood Down Under | GotoTom2

Taxi Cab Investigation: Are Taxi Meters Accurate? | GotoTom2

The Marijuana Business in Colorado Generates $1,000,000,000 Per Year | GotoTom2

First Look at Apple TV with Siri Voice Interface | GotoTom2

The Science of Fear: What Happens to Our Brains When We Become Scared? | GotoTom2

President Obama Will Send USA Troops to Syria | GotoTom2

If You Want the Best Beer in the World, Then Go See My Friend Ted in Boulder Colorado | GotoTom2

Silicon Valley's Demand for Luxury Travel Around the World | GotoTom2 the Taxi and Private Car Comparison Startup Taking On Uber: Can They Beat Uber? | GotoTom...

TEDx an Outstanding Idea that Generates Fantastic Content Worldwide | GotoTom2

Modern Science Tells Us Facts About How Lack of Sleep Can Cause Serious Health Problems | GotoTom2

Attorney Says Judicial Arbitration Injures Victims and Consumers -- See New York Times Article | Got...

How Technology is Making Wood Without Using Any Trees or Cancer Causing Agents | GotoTom2

Instagram Star Essena O'Neill Explains Why She Quit Social Media | GotoTom2

Internet and Credit Card Security Tips From Herjavec of the TV Show "Shark Tank" | GotoTom2

Can Saltwater Desalination Solve California's Water Shortage? | GotoTom2

Learn About Baidu's Artificial Intelligence Laboratory in Silicon Valley | GotoTom2

The Real Blogger Status | GotoTom2

US President Obama Makes Speech in France About Climate Change | GotoTom2

Interview of Simon Sproule - from Aston Martin Lagonda | GotoTom2

Discussion of the Long Term Use and Benefits of | GotoTom2

Sir Michael Moritz Interview - by Emily Chang | GotoTom2

US Stock Market Surges Up Due to Strong US Economy | GotoTom2

What Will Happen if Our Computers Become Smarter Than Us? by Nick Bostrom Artificial Intelligence Ex...

Google Video - Older Yet Still Relevant Today: Google's 300 Year Mission | GotoTom2

The Future of the Internet with Dr. Kleinrock, Rand Fishkin, and Dr. Hanssens. What Will Happen With...

Google is Defending a Law Suit in Florida, E-Ventures vs. Google | GotoTom2

Elon Musk Presents His Plan to Colonize Mars in His Lifetime, "Why Go Anywhere"? | GotoTom2

Alphabet's Eric Schmidt is Executive Chairman and was CEO of Google from 2001 to 2011. He is Intervi...

The Future for Workers and Managers of the World | GotoTom2

Trump vs. Clinton Fake Debate from Saturday Night Live | GotoTom2

New Changes to the Search Box, Google Please Do Not Put Adwords on My Blogger Search Res...

Documentary of a Newly Published Video About Robots and Artificial Intelligence | GotoTom2 and Future GotoTom SEO Tool Development Plans and 3rd Party Product Recommendations | Goto...

GotoTom2: Screen Shots of SEOWA SEO Tools

Hire REST API Software Developers, Benefits of REST Architecture, Example of a Real World RESTful Im...

Larry Page TED Video Excellent Ideas to Think About from the Google Co-Founder | GotoTom2

Interview of WeWork CEO and co-founder Adam Neumann. The Company Provides Shared Office Space to Ind...

Articles and Speculation as to Why Tony Fadell Left his Position as NEST CEO | GotoTom2

How Graphine Will Change the World in Amazing and Dramatic Ways, Perhaps the Biggest Technological B...

This Looks Like a Great Company to Work For. It is Fun to See and Hear this Video. Do You Need to Be...

How to SEO Your Blogspot Title Tag, So you Can Rank Better in Search Engines | GotoTom2

How is Your Smart Phone Changing Your Life? | GotoTom2

Google is Innocent and Did NOT Manipulate Search Results to Favor Hillary Clinton | GotoTom2

How Can Scientists Clean-up the Carbon Emissions Humans Have Already Created in Earth's Atmosphere? ...

Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom Discusses Video Service and How Instagram Has 300 Million Active Users ...

Questioning People in Hollywood California about how many Avengers vs. USA Presidents They Can Name ...

Gas Prices May Stay Low for a Long Time, If Electric Car Sales Start to Take Off Quickly. The S Curv...

Google SEO Update - New Duplicate Content Algorithms - Can GM Beat Google to Dominate the Future of ...

New "On Page SEO" Google Information. How to Increase the Number of Indexed Pages in Google Search R...

Continued Coverage of Britain's Exit From the European Union | GotoTom2

Beyonce Sings the USA National Anthem | GotoTom2

Zero Days - Official Trailer (2016) - Stuxnet Virus Documentary | GotoTom2

This Gentleman Named Corey Northcutt is an Outstanding SEO Expert and I Agree 97% of the Time With W...

Cell Therapies Used to Treat Deadly Blood Cancers Will Be Available Next Year, Risks and Benefits to...

Google Continues to Make Terrible Mistakes Unfairly Penalizing Innocent Websites | GotoTom2

Why Website Owners Should be Very Angry at Google | GotoTom2

moz-link-echoes-link-ghosts-NOT-correct | GotoTom2

how-to-tell-if-google-penalized-your-website-taken-out-of-google-index | GotoTom2

excellent-seo-article-from-jlh-marketing-microsoft-google | GotoTom2

online-password-manager-increases-SEO-productivity | GotoTom2

how-can-google-analytics-and-webmaster-tools-work-together | GotoTom2

matthew-mcconaughey-motivational-video-sales-marketing | GotoTom2

good-tool-from-Google-pagespeed-insights | GotoTom2

ahrefs-seo-toolbar-chrome | GotoTom2

why-Google-should-update-Pagerank-meter | GotoTom2

how-internet-advertisers-read-your-mind | GotoTom2

President-Obama-speech-cyber-security-Sanford | GotoTom2

google-project-loon | GotoTom2

bmw-tv-commercial-for-i3 | GotoTom2

funny-yet-shows-how-super-powerful-the-apple-brand-is | GotoTom2

Google-mobile-test | GotoTom2

Google-mobile-Bootstrap-framework-responsive-design | GotoTom2

Google-European-Legal-Issues | GotoTom2

thank-you-for all-the-positive-comments-and-feedback | GotoTom2

interview-with-Mark-Zuckerberg-Internet-org-Bill-Gates | GotoTom2

USA-NSA-spying-ruled-illegal-by-federal-appeals-court-New-York | GotoTom2

study-the-future-of-google-search | GotoTom2

major-changes-in-google-search-results | GotoTom2

kim-com-interview-with-emily-chang | GotoTom2

this-is-another-incorrect-SEO-advice-article | GotoTom2

we-are-in-a-high-tech-boom | GotoTom2

glassdoor-can-cause-huge-reputation-management-SEO-problems-for-CEOs | GotoTom2

twitter-Dick-Costolo-stepping-away-from-twitter | GotoTom2

billionaire-investor-chris-sacca-predicts-startups-future | GotoTom2

How-to-Stop-Robo-Phone-Calls | GotoTom2

Online-Discount-Shopping-Jet-com | GotoTom2

google-keeps-multiple-databases-and-differences-are-big | GotoTom2

Bill-Gates-Interview | GotoTom2

Mom's-Online-Selling-Tips | GotoTom2

Technology-for-Thieves-to-Break-Into-Your-House | GotoTom2

80% of webmasters are wrong about SEO and Text Links | GotoTom2

Trump-Advertisement-Attacking-Jeb-Bush | GotoTom2

Watch-NASA's-Live-Stream-Supermoon | GotoTom2

Invisible-Solar-Cells-for-Skyscrappers | GotoTom2

Preparing-for-Negative-SEO | GotoTom2

Negative SEO article on Forbes - SEO Sabotage | GotoTom2

Funny link selling story - Matt Cutts tweeted Vince at | GotoTom2

Top-Internet-Advertising-Companies-2013-Inc-5000 | GotoTom2

Interesting Google Claims About Cheating Publishers Out of Money | GotoTom2

bing-search-results-better-than-google-market-share | GotoTom2

Google Updates Their Link Building Policies Again | GotoTom2

HTP Company 5 Star Rating | GotoTom2

Google SEO Sabotage | GotoTom2

GotoTom2: 10/01/2016 - 11/01/2016

This is a good Video to Watch if You are Thinking About Buying a Google Pixel Smartphone | GotoTom2

The Optimal Low Cost Mobile Office System, the Best Inexpensive Technology to Use for Your Mobile Of...

Instead of Penalizing Innocent Websites Google Should Not Be Promoting Sites That Give You Very Bad ...

This is a very Funny Video - Filmed One Day Before the USA Presidential Debate | GotoTom2

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick is Interviewed by Charlie Rose. Uber is worth $62 Billion | GotoTom2

GotoTom2: 09/01/2016 - 10/01/2016

Outstanding Article and List of the Top Job Websites | GotoTom2

Why Are Some People More Altruistic Than Other People? Why Would Someone Risk Their Life to Help Sav...

The Company That Manufactured This Bacon, should use this video as their main TV commercial. | Goto...

New Google Search Features and Good Work by Google with Their Definition Surveys | GotoTom2

the "Blockchain" and How it Will Change Your Life and the Internet. What is the Blockchain? | GotoTo...

Watch Uber Launch Their Self Driving Car Service | GotoTom2

Interesting SEO and Google Censorship Issues to Track for Further Research | GotoTom2

I Wish I Could Bet Google $1,000,000, I would Even Give Google 50 to 1 Odds | GotoTom2

Mark Zuckerberg's Ideas About the Future of Virtual Reality | GotoTom2

Should You Root Your Smart Phone , Generally the Answer is No | GotoTom2

Technology and Gaming News From California and the World | GotoTom2

How and Why "the Sharing Economy" is Really "Crowd-Based Capitalism" - Arun Sundararajan, Brad Hargr...

I am Not Censored in Communist China, However Google Censors Me and Bans My Content | GotoTom2

GotoTom2: 08/01/2016 - 09/01/2016

Tom Uglow: An Internet Without Screens Might Look Like This | GotoTom2

Putin Denies Russian Involvement in US Democratic National Committee Hack | GotoTom2

Dag Kittlaus, Who Previously co-founded Siri, Discusses His New Company Viv and Advances in Artifici...

What Do Ants Know About Traffic Engineering and Optimization That Humans Do Not Understand? | GotoTo...

Alphabet's Financial Information, Moonshot Projects, X Labs Astro Teller | GotoTom2

Can Marissa Mayer Save Yahoo? What Will Happen With Yahoo in 2016? | GotoTom2

Marissa Mayer CEO of Yahoo Discusses Yahoo Turn Around Plans and Her Thoughts About the Yahoo Board ...

How to Find Search Results from a Different City on Google, Inconsistent Google Search Results, Goog...

Why Yahoo is a Better Search Engine Than Google Now, I Just Noticed Some Terrible New Changes From G...

the GWX Control Panel is Fantastic Software, 10+ out of 10 Stars | GotoTom2

SEO Services for Attorneys by Charlies Carreon | GotoTom2

Appreciating the Importance of Supreme Court Chief Justice Antonin Scalia | GotoTom2

Jeb Bush Not Registering or Buying His Own Domain Name Properly is the Funniest Thing I have Seen Th...

World News, Trump vs. the Pope, Apple vs. FBI, Tim Cook is the One Standing UP for USA Security, Goo...

Fathom the Hypocrisy of the USA Government, by Ben Stein | GotoTom2

Most All Technology Companies Support Apple and Think the USA Government is Wrong in This Case | Got...

Excellent PPC Re-marketing Technology Article by a Really Smart CTO | GotoTom2

Selling Buying Renting a Home, Then Zillow is a Fantastic Place to Start Your House Selling or Buyin...

Daily-Herald-Business-Ledger-Tom-Forrest-LLC | GotoTom2

GotoTom2: 07/01/2016 - 08/01/2016

Pandora Internet Radio is Superior and Offers a Significantly Better Value Than SiriusXM, Buy Pandor...

Rudy Giuliani on "Face the Nation", His Thoughts About Black Lives Matter and Police as Targets | Go...

Google is Censoring My Content and Denying My Freedom of Speech Again | GotoTom2

Has Google Gone Crazy? What is Google Thinking? Or Are They Not Thinking? | GotoTom2

USA Presidential Polling Results with Stephen Colbert and Late Show Cultural Translations | GotoTom2

Technology and Business News Around the World, Watch the Biggest Stories Happening Today | GotoTom2

UK Prime Minister Theresa May Says UK will Not Leave EU Before the End of 2016 | GotoTom2

GotoTom2: 06/01/2016 - 07/01/2016

Drug Resistant Bacteria has Created a Huge Need to Find New Antibiotics in Nature | GotoTom2

Could Autonomous Boats Help Fix the USA's Crumbling Bridges? | GotoTom2

Russia is in a Long Term Economic Recession and Still Hopes Putin Can Save the Struggling Economy | ...

This Article Explains Good News from Google Adwords, Now You Can Have Separate Bids for Each Device ...

Google VR with Smartphones and What is DayDream? | GotoTom2

2016 Google I/O Presentation Highlights, New Products and AI Advancements | GotoTom2

Wonderful Speech by Sheryl Sandberg at UC Berkeley Graduation | GotoTom2

Great Post by Google CEO Sundar Pichai, Let's Not Let Fear Defeat Our Values | GotoTom2

Medical Gel from a MIT Scientist has Made a Big Advancement in Medical Technology | GotoTom2

New Research May Lead to a Prosthetic Device for the Blind. This Device Would Allow the Blind to See...

Correct USA Political 2016 Information, and Projections of Who will Win the Republican Nomination ...

Warning to Blogger Users, the New "Featured Post Widget" Causes a Google Duplicate Content Penalty. ...

Why Yahoo is Considering Selling All or Parts of the Company. What Will Marissa Mayer Do? | GotoTom2

Dr. Steve Rosenberg Invented a New Type of Cancer Treatment named Immunotherapy. Learn About His Lat...

Google Gives Out New Penalties to Websites with Unnatural Outbound Links, Fundamental Problems Still...

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly parts of Google, More New Google Changes - Google My Business | GotoT...

What are the Panama Papers and How are People Smuggling Money into Panama? | GotoTom2

David Brooks is a Columnist for the New York Times, and He Teaches Leadership Classes at Yale Univer...

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advice for Beginners Using Google, Bing or Yahoo. Analysis of English Speaking C...

Google Officially Confirms the Top Three Ranking Signals for Optimal Search Engine Ranking Results ...

Google's Use of Artificial Intelligence and the Announcement of RankBrain | GotoTom2

New Developments in Jet Engine Technology Will Cut Noise 75% and Save 15% in Fuel | GotoTom2

Tesla is Focused on Expanding Sales and Service Internationally and also Tesla's Autonomous Car Divi...

The Reasons Why Many Experts Think Oil Prices Will Continue to Drop | GotoTom2

Charlie Rose Interviews Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan | GotoTom2

What Will Happen to Bitcoin in 2016? | GotoTom2

10 Reasons Why Sales People Are Essential to Any Business | GotoTom2

Smart Internet Advertising Can Be Very Annoying | GotoTom2

The Syrian War and the Fight Against ISIS | GotoTom2

What Would Elon Musk Think About This Entrepreneurs Self Driving Car? | GotoTom2

Turing CEO Martin Shkreli Faces Securities Fraud Charges | GotoTom2

The New Star Wars Movie is Predicted to Beat All Previous Box Office Records | GotoTom2

How to Optimize Your Google Adword (PPC) Investment | GotoTom2

Why People Hate Social Media Promotions and Advertising | GotoTom2

SEO Link Building Service and Strategies for Success | GotoTom2

Star Wars Breaks Box Office Records: Bob Iger, Walt Disney Company CEO Interview | GotoTom2

Delivering Happiness by Jenn Lim - This Affects All Aspects of Your Life and Business | GotoTom2

Why Google and Ford Working Together Makes Me Laugh | GotoTom2

Chipotle's Ongoing Contamination Problems and the Public Relations Disaster it Causes | GotoTom2

How Choosing the Wrong Keywords Can Waste Huge Amounts of Money | GotoTom2

Nicholas Negroponte Talks About the Last 30 Years of Technology Advances and His Predictions | GotoT...

Brazil Faces Terrible Economic and Recession Problems in 2016 | GotoTom2

Do You Have a Good Life? Learn the Lessons from this Research on Happiness | GotoTom2

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Why Facebook Supports Free Internet Service in India | GotoTom2

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How to Save Money in 2016, Learn to Manage Your Financial Future | GotoTom2

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Global Business and Technology News, Why Did GM Invest $500,000,000 in Lyft? How Will They Work Toge...

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Making a Sales Call Audit After the Deal Failed to Close | GotoTom2

Larger Companies are Generally Better SEO Clients to Acquire | GotoTom2

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Joaquin Guzman (aka El Chapo), the World's Most Wanted Drug Lord is Captured Again | GotoTom2

Arcimoto SRK Electric Vehicle Would Like to Challenge Tesla Motors | GotoTom2

Middle East Tensions Fueling the Sunni-Shia Divide, Interviews by Charlie Rose | GotoTom2

Yahoo Has Smart People Trying to Win Back Search Marketshare | GotoTom2

See the New 2017 Lexus LC 500, Beautiful, Sexy, Stunning Design, and a Dream Car for Many People Aro...

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Donald Trump Interview | GotoTom2

Intuitive Surgical CEO Gary Guthart Discusses the Use of Robots During Surgery | GotoTom2

How Technology is Changing the Way People Achieve Optimal Health, Dr. David Agus USC | GotoTom2

the Truth About SEO and Link Building Services, Useful Information About SEO Companies | GotoTom2

What Does Sanctions Relief Really Mean For Iran? | GotoTom2

Technology News: Netflix, Tru Optik's CEO, Cisco's John Stewart, HomeAway's CEO Brian Shaples | Goto..., and, Should be Forced by the FTC to Stop their Deceptiv...

Luxury Yacht Sales are Still Strong and Growing Worldwide | GotoTom2

What Does China's Problems Mean for the World and for the USA? | GotoTom2

Martin Shkreli, Security Fraud Charges and Internet Streaming Star? | GotoTom2

The Demographics and Odds of Becoming a Millionaire | GotoTom2

Transitioning to a Cashless Society, Interview with Nicolas Huss CEO Visa Europe | GotoTom2

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French Taxi Drivers Protest Uber for Days and Want Uber Banned From Paris | GotoTom2

Future-Proofing Banks, Panel Includes Jeroen Dijsselbloem, Min Zhu, Brian Moynihan, Bill Winters and...

Fighting ISIS, Report from Vice on HBO, See the Front Lines of War | GotoTom2

Nest CEO Tony Fadell: Full Interview, Past to Present , Tony tells Steve Jobs Stories | GotoTom2

Why the USA is the New Tax Haven for Super Wealthy People Worldwide | GotoTom2

Alphabet (Google) is Still Growing Advertising Revenue at 25%, Google Loses Money on New Product Exp...

GotoTom2: 05/01/2016 - 06/01/2016

GotoTom2: 04/01/2016 - 05/01/2016

Thoughts About Google Chrome, FireFox and Blogger, Why some are Good and Some are Bad. How People Im...

New FTC Rules and How Does the Quick Shift to Online Video Testimonials Affect Small and Large Busin...

Why is Donald Trump so Successful in Business and Politics? This Video Gives You the Answer and Expl...

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Jimmy Fallon is very Funny as Donald Trump Talking on the Phone to USA President Obama | GotoTom2

Guess Who is Watching Me? They are in Mountain View California and the Only Other Party That Could P...

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Comedian John Oliver makes a Funny Presentation Proving How Stupid the FBI and DoJ are Behaving Rega...

List of Most Popular Blogs and Lessons You Can Learn From These Successful Blogs | GotoTom2

Jony Ive, Chief Design Officer at Apple. Jony Explains His Role at Apple, and Why he Enjoyed Working...

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President Obama Nominates Merrick Garland for the US Supreme Court, He Deserves a Fair Hearing by Re...

Are you Ready for Some Very Hard Hitting Political Advertisements? Some are very Creative, and Send ...

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GotoTom2: 02/01/2016 - 03/01/2016

Big Technology Leaps in Cloud Based Robots and Mathematical Algorithm Improvements will Lead to Mor...

Excellent Article About Passive Job Seekers, Maybe We All Wish the Dream Job Will Come To Us Without...

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Yelp is Useless and their Review Filters Stink | GotoTom2

new-google-quality-rating-guidelines | GotoTom2

GotoTom2: 07/01/2014 - 08/01/2014

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