Tuesday, July 03, 2018

Who are the Competitors of Upwork.com? Should you use them?

I am still using and performing ongoing tests with Upwork.com.
I must admit even though ZenDesk gives me poor responses at first, they do not give up and they keep trying. Even after I am very tough on them. I am trying to find reasons to like Upwork.com yet it is difficult as their system needs big improvements in user friendliness.
E.g. I want to send proposals to USA only jobs, so Upwork wants to verify my drivers license and my bank statement. Of course their software for this process is defective, and ZenDesk tells you to keep trying. Then after 3 tries Upwork cuts you off and will not let you try anymore. Next you have to email ZenDesk and send in a screen shot with the Upwork error message. Then ZenDesk support has to reset Upwork.com and then tells you to try again, however not 3 times, and then send them the next error message. Yes I know this entire defective process is totally ridiculous, there are 4 more steps and emails to ZenDesk and finally it works.
ZenDesk did a good job on follow up to make sure it is working properly.

Another big problem with Upwork.com is that you cannot set different prices for different project types in your profile. E.g. I would like to set a price of $120 per hour for advanced programming work and only $70 per hour for on-page search engine optimization (SEO) projects.

Upwork.com is a large service that I do not recommend. You should consider using their competitors.
Upwork.com seems like the "old dying service" and their competitors are eating their lunch. Plus they use ZenDesk which provides average support.

I found another excellent article on this topic:



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