Sunday, November 05, 2017

SEO Articles on GotoTom2 and Why You want to use the GotoTom2 search box

If you want to see many interesting and useful SEO articles it is important to use the Blogger search box.

Because Google unfairly censors SEO expert articles and makes it difficult for people to find them on the Google search engine.
In a strange way it is a compliment that Google is so concerned about hiding and censoring what top SEO experts write, e.g. not everyone is worthy of being unfairly censored by Google. You have to be a super SEO expert or Google will not bother to hide and censor your content on the Google search engine.

So the concept Google currently has which is at least partially fair, Google may unfairly censor an authors content in the Google search engine, however they should never censor content that is on a search which is internal to the publishers Blogger website. I believe I helped force Google into their current "unfair censorship" policies. Previously if Google unfairly censored your content from the Google search engine, it also blocked the same content on a private Blogger site search, it took Google over six months to fix this, and since about 1-17-17 you can search on a Blogger (blogspot) and find content that may be unfairly censored on the Google search engine.
You can easily prove what I am saying just by comparing the internal search results of my GotoTom2 blog to the search results of the Google search engine, it is clear how Google unfairly censors some authors in multiple different ways.

Please click on the following link and then try to find the exact same content on the Google search engine.

SEO Articles on this Blog

Specific Google search example

My unhappiness with Google's unfair censorship can be seen by searching for Google censorship on this blog.
I have always thought it is stupid, unethical and evil for Google to unfairly censor some authors and for Google to be a bully and punish innocent authors for standing up and ignoring Google's evil bully tactics and methods. For example Google has unfairly penalized my for over a year just to send me a message. My message back to Google is that I am documenting every evil and unethical thing Google does for the general public to see and hopefully the Federal Trade Commission will punish Google for their evil, bully behavior and put new tougher regulations on Google to prevent abuse as in the case of .