Monday, January 30, 2017

Canadian and other News Commentators Discuss USA President Trumps Immigration Ban

I like to watch other countries news and see the perspective from e.g. Canada, etc. In general Canada as a culture that is more "socialist" than America. However in the last 10-years there has been a strong change in the US with many more people supporting liberal Democrat socialists like Bernie Sanders. France is another country that has many socialist politicians and supporters.

Apparently some of the people being held at the JFK airport already have "green cards" and a Federal Judge has issued a "stay of proceedings" for President Trumps Executive Order at least in some cases. This is a developing story ... 
One of the pundits in this video says this "will help ISIS recruitment".
My answer to that is "I do not care" as anyone who joins ISIS for any reason whatsoever is signing up to be killed by the USA. So any people that support ISIS please go ahead and sign up so the USA can destroy you.
I also feel if someone already has a "green card" they should not be detained. Do you realize how incredibly difficult it is already to obtain a green card? If you have a green card for the USA you have already completed extreme vetting. 

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