Friday, April 01, 2016

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advice for Beginners Using Google, Bing or Yahoo. Analysis of English Speaking Countries and PPC Tips

Back in my early days when I designed computers and software most engineers/scientists used a "red note book" to keep track of thoughts, test results, design ideas, etc.

So today this blog is my "red note book".
We will use a case study of a small software and Internet company that has software products that are cloud based and can be used anywhere in the world and on any device. They also offer promotional services to the top 14 highest quality Internet Directories in the English language.

The only restriction is the language they speak.
These software subscription products are only in English. This still gives us a "HUGE" worldwide market as Donald Trump would say. We will focus on and only use the network of publishers Google has, and not on the Google search engine as that is too expensive for this campaign. So we want to advertise in country's where English is spoken. E.g. The Netherlands a fantastic country with very kind and helpful people and 87% of the people speak English. Verses China where only 1% of the people speak English.
Important tip #1 do not use PPC for Bing or Google for China. It is weird and I feel scammed by the experience. The click through rate is 400%+ higher than any other country. Also stay away from Nepal.
Otherwise see the screen shot below of countries I used in this PPC product marketing test(s).

Google still has 68% of the searches in the USA and even more in other countries. The easiest way to use Bing is to first create a Google PPC campaign and then use the Bing Google import tool to import all the work you did to set up your Google PPC into Bing automatically.
This is very powerful and saves a lot of time. I am not going to discuss Yahoo much because their search volume is so much less than Google or Bing. However these methods and principles of PPC are valid and helpful for Yahoo advertising also.
Back to the Google PPC chart above. 
If you were a super star PPC expert you would be able to see a mistake I made based on the default bid maximum of $.75 for the United States.
I use bid adjustments which is vital if you do not want to waste a ton of money.
You want to use both device and location bid adjustments. Mobile phone traffic is crap compared to computer desktop traffic and that is why it costs only one tenth as much as better quality desktop traffic. You can not adjust the bid price for tablets only for mobile phones.
See screen shot below. 

If you were a super PPC expert you could study all of the above and say the only mistake I made is having my bid adjustment for mobile set too low. It should be at -50% or more.
Please understand that if you want to turn off all mobile devices from clicking on your PPC Ads then set the mobile bid adjustment to -100%, this turns off any chance of a person clicking on your Google advertisement from a mobile device.

You can also learn about which countries have the most expensive Cost Per Click (CPC) and which countries have the lowest CPC.

Proper "Targeting" of your audience is also key to success, if you are targeting the wrong audience you will feel like you are just giving money away. Please do not give up too easily, often I am just really to give up and say "I cannot make this profitable" than I try one last time and then it works. Of course if you try 23 experiments and finally you succeed it is a wonderful feeling to enjoy. At least until you start the next new project.  

Now I am going to start a new Google Adwords test. I will set all the countries except for the USA to -90%, which will effectively turn them off.
You can see my screen shot below. Also you can do testing like this and isolate different countries from around the world, then compare your test results and keep testing. PPC is really about constant testing trying to figure out a better more optimized way(s) to generate bigger profits.