Friday, January 29, 2016

Why I am Deleting SearchEngineLand as a Site I Trust for SEO Information

I really want to be factual and mostly give positive reviews in order to help the general public understand the the true facts about SEO.
SearchEngineLand has been publishing a few lame articles that will not help you. They may in fact harm your SEO results. I think a lot of the problem is based on big egos.
I make people that think they are "SEO experts" very nervous because I know more and am better at SEO than everyone. That is a fact based on superior SEO results and why I am never concerned or nervous about other SEO experts because when they see my results they kiss by ass in honor of my stellar abilities.
What other conclusion can you come to if you have been achieving thousands of #1 rankings for your clients for 14-years?

"Who is going to believe in you if you do not believe in yourself?"

My company uses white hat SEO methods and follows all Google Guidelines, this is why we have such outstanding long term results for our clients. As part of full disclosure and transparency, I do own Google stock.

Because SearchEngineLand does not really do SEO, they just report about it and they are not experienced and smart enough to sort out the bullshit. Plus, it is very important for them to try to keep a good relationship with Google and therefore they end up publishing what I refer to as "SEO fluff articles".
Sorry SearchEngineLand, it is true.
They have a new article that is pathetically sad to me. Some SEO guy that has never been able to figure out how to rank well in Google Places for several years.
This is a 7th grade SEO project to me and we have thousands of Google Places top rankings for our clients for many years now.

Another previous even worse SEO article is discussed here:

Because SearchEngineLand tries to keep a "good" business relationship with Google, and sometimes Google let's them break a story. 
That is not part of my concept of what a great SEO and Technology blog should endeavor to accomplish.
E.g. I am not into kissing Google's ass, as you can see by some of the articles I write. A few of my articles critical of Google were even briefly censored by Google, which is against the policy of top Google management.
The highest level of google management has protected my freedom of speech and stopped lower level Googler's from unfairly censoring my content.
I also do write positive articles about Google if I believe it is warranted:

Have you ever wondered why SearchEngineLand never has an article critical of Google?

I feel I have a moral duty to expose terrible SEO advice that you should never follow.